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1. Overview

This is a game where users operate the trapper to place bombs and remove obstacles and enemies to complete missions. The missions include collecting gold orbs, defeating key enemies, and protecting targets.

2.Screen Shots

3. How to Play & Basic Rules

Control using a keyboard or a PC joystick.

4. Item[Orb]

Orbs are lying around the field. Depending on their color, you can get various benefits to help you clear your mission. Most of the orbs are embedded in walls, so destroy the walls to collect the orbs.

5. How to attack[special bomb]

Special bombs might be lying around the field. Special bombs have special powers, and if you get them, you can place them and set them off.

6. Control Unit

6.1. Unit Parameters

;arameter nameshort nameexplainmaximum valuerelated item
LifeLifIf you come in contact with enemy units or get caught in a bomb blast. If it reaches zero, the mission fails. 5Green orb
FireFir This is the distance of the blast when the bomb that you've placed sets off. 8Red orb
BombBomThis is the number of bombs you can place at once.8Black orb
SpeedSpdLocomotion Speed 3Blue orb
InteligenceIntThis is the visible range of the map. 3Purple orb

6.2. Unit Types

AppearanceNameLifFirBomSpdIntSpecial bombNote
___ Tank52111 None(Normal Bomb)You will initially have a lot of lives, which enables you to force your way risking some lives, but your locomotion speed will be slow. This unit is for beginners.
___ Attacker24111 Penetrator Bomb It's specialized for blast power, which enables you to destroy blocks easily. Your progress will be faster. For intermediates.
___ Bommer22411 None(Normal Bomb) You can place more bombs at once. Although your locomotion speed will be slow, it has more abilities to expand your active area. You need to move carefully since there is a higher risk of getting caught in the blast of your own bombs. For intermediates.
___ Speed Star22131 Spreader Bomb It has a faster locomotion speed. Special bombs also cover a wider area, increasing your ability to attack enemy units. On the other hand, you need to move carefully since the faster locomotion speed, and wider damage increase your risk of getting caught in blasts. For advanced players.
___ Searcher11123 Controllable Bomb It allows map visibility over a wider area and has an advanced ability in knowing where the enemies are. The locomotion speed is slightly fast but the weakest in other aspects, especially the number of lives. You need to move carefully until you obtain a green orb since if you receive even a single damage, then the mission fails. For advanced players.

7. Movie